About Us

The Grand Casino, formerly Dunedin Casino, is Dunedin's premier entertainment venue.

A Grand Experience

Historically, the Dunedin Casino brand was about opulence and grandeur of yesteryear, combined with first-class gaming.
But for today’s domestic and international consumers (while these things are still important), that is simply not enough. We are all seeking unique experiences and want to be wowed and delighted.

Our new Grand experience based master brand strategy embraces this and invites the world to relook at today’s Grand Casino through a different lens. To create stronger community connections, awareness and drive aspiration, we aim to speak with one, clear, genuine and unified voice across the community, our events and our business. Our creative aim is to contemporise the Grand Casino and make it appealing to today’s generation as an entertainment destination for a grand and memorable experiences.


To deliver grand entertainment experiences, every time.


To delight our guests and create opportunities for our team and local communities.


Act with Integrity. Innovate and create. Always show compassion. These values are evident through the Casino’s social responsibility efforts, which include advocating responsible play, utilising sustainable business practices, valuing our team members, sharing our cultural heritage and caring for our community.