American Roulette is probably the most famous of the world’s casino games. This fast exciting game first gained popularity due to the early, colourful riverboats on the Mississippi.

How To Play

Place your chips on your selected number, numbers or combination of numbers on the layout. The dealer spins the wheel and the ball. If the ball lands in the number corresponding to the area where you have placed you chips, you win!

You are advised to purchase coloured non-value chips at each American Roulette table to avoid confusion with other player’s bets on the table. You set the value of your non-value chips when you buy in, and exchange these chips for cash chips when you leave the game (as they have no value elsewhere in the casino). The bets that may be placed on American Roulette and the odds they pay are as follows:

  1. Straight up – any single number or zero (0) 35 to 1
  2. Split – any one of two numbers 17 to 1
  3. Street – any one of three numbers 11 to 1
  4. Corner – any one of four numbers 8 to 1
  5. Sixline – any one of six numbers 5 to 1
  6. Columns – any one of twelve numbers in the vertical row 2 to 1
  7. Dozens – any one of the spaces marked 1st, 2nd or 3rd ‘12’ 2 to 1
  8. Low (1-18) and High (19-36),
  9. Red & Black,
  10. Odd & Even Even Money


Note: Zero (0) – all bets lose except bets placed on zero (0) or its combinations.

American Roulette bets may only be made with chips, not cash. Chips may only be purchased from the gaming tables. Their value is clearly marked and when you leave, redeem them for cash at the Cashier’s desk.